How to Plumb a New Kitchen Sink

I know you’re thinking this is one of those “Call the Guy” moments but honestly, you’ve got this. Plumping a new kitchen sink is really not all that difficult and when you are finished, you not only have the satisfaction of having done the job yourself, you will understand what all the drain pipe twists and turns are called, as well as their purpose. And let us not forget about all the money you will save yourself.


So let’s get started. After having problems finding a plumber at the weekend this is something I took on myself.

Get Prepared

The person who first said that a picture is worth a thousand words knew exactly what he was talking about. If the old plumbing has not been removed yet, do yourself a favor and snap a few photos of how things look. Take them from different angles and of anything that looks particularly complicated. If the old plumbing has already been removed, not to worry, there are thousands of picture on the internet you can use for reference or you can go to one of your neighbors and ask if you can snap a few photos of theirs.

Of course you are going to want to remove everything from under the sink, if you have not done so already. You will also want to get yourself something comfortable to kneel on and if you are installing a garbage disposal, something to lie on as well. If you are in fact installing a garbage disposal, it is always helpful to have a second set of hands nearby, not necessary but can prove to be quite helpful.

As far as tools go, if you took your old plumbing apart you already know what tools you need. If you didn’t you’ll just have to wing it. Installing new kitchen sink plumbing requires very few tools, all of which are very common.

Drain & Disposal

If you have not installed the kitchen sink drain flange yet, following the instructions provided with the new flange, do so now. Be sure to assemble the drain flange exactly as shown in the instructions or it is sure to leak and you will be taking everything apart in an hour from now. Be sure you tighten the flange nut down good and tight so that the rubber gasket makes a positive seal.

If you are installing a new garbage disposal, again do so now, following the instruction provided with the disposal. This is where you may need a second set of hands if you are unable to hold the disposal in place and secure the locking ring at the same time. Once in place, be sure that the locking ring is good and secure on the taper ring so that there are no leaks.

If you are installing a double sink then you will have to install a sink strainer on the opposite side, similar to how you installed the drain flange. From this side of the sink you will install the vertical tailpiece which will include a tee where the horizontal pipe drain from the garbage disposal will connect.

If you are installing a single sink without a garbage disposal then the tailpiece would obviously come straight off of the sink strainer.

As you are assembling the drain pipe pieces, leave them loose until you have everything fitted properly.

The Water Trap

The water trap is the u-shaped piece attached to the bottom of the tailpiece. The water trap is critical as it is what prevents sewer vapors from flowing back into your home through the sink drain. Water remains trapped in the u-shaped piece, forming a water seal, thus preventing vapors from entering your home.

The water trap must be the lowest point of your kitchen sink plumbing. If the drain leaves your home through a horizontal pipe, just be sure that the water trap is below this horizontal drain pipe. If the drain leaves your home through the floor then you will have to install a second u-shaped piece to get the drain pipe headed in the right direction again.

Tighten It All Up

Once you are satisfied that you have everything plumbed correctly it is time to tighten everything up. There is no need to get crazy with the tightening, the drain piping is not under pressure and is not prone to leak. You can always go back and tighten any fitting you find leaking when you do your leak test, which reminds me, it’s time for you to do a leak test.  If you run into problems, do what I did and call my friend at Doran plumbers in Dublin – he fixed a little leak that I just could not deal with.

How to Find a Plumber at the Weekend

We found a Dublin plumber that came to our rescue. My husband and I were able to get a new home right after we got married which is something that the majority of newlyweds can’t do. In reality we could not believe that things worked out the way that they did. We had planned to move right into an apartment after we got married, my then fiancée had a friend that worked in real estate, and he told us that that it was the best time to purchase a home. My fiancé and I did not think that we would be able to afford a home at that present moment, so we told him that we would get in contact with him in about a year or so. He really thought that we should give it more consideration, so he kept talking to my fiancé about the possibility of buying a home. He told us that it was possible to get a home that had already been foreclosed on, and that made us think a little bit more.


Finding A Home

We went to go see three homes that were not far from where we work living. One of the homes was our absolute favorite, but it needed to get some work done on it. The cost of the home was so incredibly cheap that it was worth it to buy the home and get some repairs done on it because it was basically a steal. My fiancé and I closed on her home, and two weeks later I moved in. We have many friends that worked on our home, because a lot of my husband’s friends worked in construction and so does he. The only thing that we had to hire outside contractors for was the plumbing. There were a few plumbing problems in our home, so we got them repaired. We did not really like our plumber he did not seem like he was that trustworthy and he charged us a lot, so we knew that we would not ask him to help us again.

After The Move

About five months of past and my in-laws were going to come and stay with us for the weekend. I was very excited, because it would be the first time that I had my in-laws to my home. I had my house completely and totally spotless, and the next morning they were going to be coming in. The next morning my in-laws came in and we had an awesome breakfast and we really had a great time together. We all went out for a walk, and we got to talk for quite some time. That afternoon something horrible happened to our toilet. It was ridiculous, because there was no way to fix it. We didn’t think it was going to be anything serious, so we just turned off the water source to the toilet, and we tried to use a plunger. To our dismay that was not enough.

My husband and my brother-in-law were working on the toilet for about an hour when they realized that they were not gonna be able to fix it. We have a small house, and we only have one bathroom so things were gonna have to get fixed. We wanted to find a trustworthy plumber but we did not know where to go.

Looking For Our Plumber

The plumber that had originally come into work on her house was not our favorite, so we knew that we did not want to go with him. We did a few searches on the Internet for different plumbers in the area, but in reality we would have much rather preferred for someone to give us a recommendation. Some of our neighbors were really nice and they gave us recommendations for plumbers. We called the plumbers that they referred us to but they were not open on the weekend. We really did not know what to do, so we called a few of the plumbers that we saw on the Internet.

Our Plumber To The Rescue

We were kind of frustrated with the whole bathroom thing, and since we were having no luck finding a good plumber we decided to go and get some lunch. We went to a nearby restaurant, and we ate and enjoyed ourselves, and of course we all used the bathroom. We were talking to the waitress about our afternoon and we told her that we were looking for a plumber. To our surprise she told us that her husband is an independent plumber, and she said that he was free that day. We asked her for his number and we called him and in 20 minutes he was at our door. Her husband was extremely professional, and he came with two other gentlemen and they were able to fix our toilet literally within one hour. They were very inexpensive and they were cordial as well. We took down all of his information and we decided that we were going to make him our permanent plumber. We were so happy that we were able to talk to that nice waitress on that Saturday afternoon, because her husband saved our weekend.

How can a Clinical Psychologist Help?

There are a ton of situations where a clinical psychologist, like FPS, may be one of the best options for a person, as they can be highly beneficial and can diagnose things that a regular doctor may overlook or be under qualified to diagnose. If you do not know what a clinical psychologist is, they are a doctor that essentially treats things that are based on a person’s experiences, rather than a physical malady or injury. For instance, if a person is suffering from depression, anxiety, or has a learning disability, this is something that is only going to be able to be diagnosed and treated through therapy sessions that get to the root of the problem and provide a diagnosis.


Reasons for Visiting a Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists assess and analyze individuals, who they work with one on one with the majority of the meetings consisting of relaying information about what the patient experiences and the problems that it is causing them. A great deal of the time people will be suffering from underlying conditions that truly can only be fixed by talking to this type of psychologist. A lot of the time there are certain behavioral factors that may be going on, which are in turn causing a person to struggle and by working these things out with a clinical psychologist, many of the adverse experiences can be averted.

Biological Conditions

Additionally, there are a massive amount of ailments and disorders that people suffer from, which are entirely biological and can only be addressed by being diagnosed and treated with medication. Say for example, a person is diagnosed with schizophrenia, dissociative disorder or bipolar disorder. Chances are that they are not going to have a good life and are going to be unfit to function normally in society without getting the proper assistance and likely getting on the proper medications, which most of the time will allow them to live full and happy lives. The only way that this can happen is if they do in fact go to a clinical psychologist, who can provide them with a diagnosis and assist them with the best course of action to address their issues.

Benefits of Seeking Help

There is no question that seeking out the help of a psychologist can be beneficial, but the one thing to consider is the fact that there is not much to lose. You may go to a clinical psychologist and come to find out that there is nothing that is majorly wrong with you and you can rest assured that you are doing okay, which is great. On the other hand, if there are any underlying problems that you have not been able to detect, which are causing you any type of negative reaction, you will be much better off that you had made the decision to schedule an appointment. Many time’s people feel that they are less of a person if they do schedule and appointment and see a clinical psychologist, but the reality is that most people see a psychologist at some point in their lives and it is nothing to be ashamed about. Fixing a problem in your life is nothing to be scoffed at and the sooner that a problem is addressed, the happier and more fulfilled a person will feel each and every day.

Fixing Family Problems

Another thing to consider is the fact that a lot of family problems can be created when a person is suffering from any type of mental disorder. Seeking the help of a clinical psychologist and working with individual family members has also proven to be very effective in getting to the root of certain family dynamics problems and is something to consider if your family seeks to be fighting or struggling.

7 Factors Which Prevent Individuals From Starting a New Business

Many people love to possess a business of the own as well as attribute various causes of this wish. In spite of the burning need to own as well as operate a company they are extremely hesitant to place their greatest foot ahead and go out. What retains them back again from Starting a brand new Business is for certain Fear Elements indicated beneath.

1. Absolutely no Self-Confidence:

They concern treading in to unknown areas they’ve never already been before. They do not have the actual confidence associated with grappling along with new difficulties and new problems that are sure to arise within their business. They’re negative thinkers. They’re more concerned about failure instead of think favorably about achievement.

2. Absolutely no Money with regard to Investment:

Since cash plays a significant role within starting a brand new business, it is necessary that you discover methods of acquiring the money. The concern that hovers more than their minds constantly is they could free their money in case of their business winding up in failing. Hence they’re unwilling in order to convince others to purchase their start up business venture because inside their hearts they’re themselves pessimistic concerning the success of the own endeavor. This exact same fear restrains all of them from acquiring loans through lending institutions too.

3. Absolutely no Knowledge as well as Skills:

Many people who shy from starting a brand new business or even enterprise often provide the excuse they don’t hold the knowledge, skills or even the expertise to setup a company. One do not need to possess all of the skills and also the expertise essential to run a company. In truth many prosperous businessmen don’t possess all of them either. You will get over this by using people using the necessary abilities to meet your needs or look for the advice of the business advisor. You as well could update your knowledge while you go together.

4. Absolutely no Ideas:

Though cash is no problem to a few but insufficient ideas is definitely an issue since they cannot choose the best type associated with business. Identifying and selecting a Niche Business or perhaps a business which serves the requirement of the city ought to be the prime issue. If you need to be successful it is necessary that you need to do some investigation and setup a market business, rather than business that you simply love to complete.

5. Poor Time Administration:

Have all of us not noticed people stating, “I simply don’t have the time for you to do my personal present work and my alternative activities, how am i going to ever discover the time to operate a company? ” In operation does not really consume additional time than your work. It isn’t a query of inadequate time however it is your time and effort management that’s at problem and needs considering. How you manage your time and effort is really crucial for that success of the business.

6. Poor Temperament:

Good and the bad are inevitable running a business. The concern with encountering failure and also the inability to manage the consequences of the frightens all of them. A well balanced temperament that may face achievements and problems equally as well as withstand a myriad of pressures related to it is crucial.

7. Concern with Stress:

Whether you’re on a good 8 in order to 5 Work or running your personal business you are able to undergo tension. Stress isn’t confined in order to business on it’s own. Unfortunately many people fear which by in operation they might be unnecessarily anxious thereby creating health insurance and family difficulties. Stress could be avoided along with proper period management as well as avoiding the actual tendency in order to procrastinate.
Summary: Paying undue focus on the over factors instantly creates a feeling of concern and helps prevent you through giving serious considered to starting a brand new business. Thinking favorably and associating along with positive thinkers as well as go-getters provides you with the bravery motivation as well as confidence to consider the very first steps within starting a brand new business.

Interest Due on Outstanding Invoices

In Britain, a customer may be forced to pay interest on late payment if one of the following three circumstances apply:

  1. in many cases, if legal action has been taken and judgment obtained
  2. if provision is made for it in a contract
  3. if statutory interest applies

These circumstances are very different, so we will look at each one in turn.

If legal action has been taken and judgment obtained

If an action is brought in a county court, interest at the statutory rate may be claimed from the date of the issue of the summons to the date of judgment, or of payment if earlier. Interest continues to run in some cases. Interest also applies if judgment is obtained in the High Court.

If provision is made for it in a contract

It has always been free to both parties to a contract to agree that interest will be payable in the event of late payment. Provided that such interest provides a ‘substantial remedy’, it takes precedence over statutory interest. It is up to supplier and customer to negotiate the agreed terms.

If statutory interest applies

Many countries have a law that provides for interest to be paid in the event of late payment, though in many cases the law is not particularly effective. Until recently, Britain did not have such a law, but we now have The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. It only applies to commercial debts and excludes consumer credit, hire purchase, mortgages etc. The new Act takes effect in three stages:

1 contracts made from 1 November 1998 — small businesses against large businesses and the public sector;

2 contracts made from 1 November 2000 — small businesses against all businesses and the public sector;

3 contracts made from 1 November 2002 — all businesses and the public sector against all businesses and the public sector.

A small business is one with 50 or fewer employees (averaged over a year) and with part-time employees counting pro rata. It is felt that small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the sin of late payment, and so they have been given a four-year advantage period.

The Act states that if a contract specifies a payment period, that payment period will apply so long as it is reasonable. If this is not the case, custom and practice may apply, but stern tests will be made. The onus is on the customer to show that it is reasonable. Failing this, it will be deemed to be 30 days. The 30 days run from the later of the supply of goods or services and the giving of notice of a required payment (usually by sending an invoice).

The Act also states that if a contract specifies a rate of interest, that rate of interest will normally apply. But the contractual rate of interest must give a ‘substantial remedy’. If it does not do so, or if there is no agreement at all, the rate of interest will be ’8 per cent over base rate’. This is a high rate and enough to be a real deterrent. In the absence of an agreement on interest and the payment period, it is 8 per cent over base starting on day 31.

Statutory interest does not have to be claimed at once, and a claim may be made at any time until it is statute-barred. This is five years in Scotland and six years in the rest of the UK. A liquidator or administrator may make a claim within these periods, as well as the business itself.

This is very significant in cases where payment is late, but a supplier does not claim statutory interest for fear of annoying a customer. If the relationship subsequently goes sour, the supplier can resurrect the matter and make a claim. A lot of slow payers are going to get a nasty shock in the coming years.

The supplier may make a claim for statutory interest by notifying the purchaser that a claim is being made. It is recommended that this be done in writing and that the purchaser be given full details of the claim, including invoice numbers, dates, amounts etc. The purchaser should also be given the daily interest rate. If there is a dispute that cannot be settled, or if the purchaser just does not pay the interest, the supplier may commence a legal action. If there is an unresolved dispute, the court will decide.

A business that is paid late has the option of making a claim for interest under the Act. In practice, many businesses do not do so, the main reason being that they do not wish to upset their customers. This has to be an individual decision, but you should be aware of statutory interest and your rights. You should also be aware that you may make a claim after a considerable time has elapsed.

Interest is a big and important subject. We will close with a checklist of some of the key points.

  • Interest may be claimed if a legal action is successful
  • Provision for interest can by agreement be included in a contract
  • The law on statutory interest takes effect in three stages
  • Until 1st November 2002, only small businesses can claim statutory interest
  • Unless a contract or custom and practice says differently, statutory interest starts after 30 days
  • Unless a contract says differently, the rate for statutory interest is ‘base plus 8 per cent’
  • If a customer refuses to pay statutory interest, legal action may be taken
  • Statutory interest may be claimed until the matter is statute-barred

What is Instrument Calibration?

Calibration has always been an important topic when it comes to technology and economic activity throughout recorded history. As human societies grow ever more dependent on technology and mass production, companies are under increasing pressure

to keep their instruments calibrated to retain the same high production standard, regardless of trade and the specific product in question. This article takes you through the basics of instrument calibration and how it affects your business.

What is calibration?

In its International Vocabulary of Metrology from 2008, The International Bureau of Weights and Measures defines calibration as an “operation that, under specified conditions, in a first step, establishes a relation between the quantity values with measurement uncertainties provided by measurement standards and corresponding indications with associated measurement uncertainties and, in a second step, uses this information to establish a relation for obtaining a measurement result from an indication”. What this complex definition means for instrument calibration is the following: you need to check your instrument’s output against an established standard and verify it is accurate. In reality, most calibration efforts cannot achieve a perfect match between instrument and standard, but they rather keep instrument error within certain narrow boundaries which are considered acceptable to the end user.

When do you need to calibrate?

The short answer is: as often as possible. Many circumstances require instrument calibration. Whenever you get a new instrument, you should check that it behaves according to the standard your company subscribes to. The same goes for older instruments which have recently undergone modification or repair, or instruments which have experienced unusual and potentially function-altering conditions (bumps, shocks, vibrations, irradiation, changes in the immediate environment, and other damaging alterations). Consistently observing instrument performance is of primary importance, and it can give you good reason to perform a calibration, such as a sudden change in an instrument’s measurements with no identifiable external causes or a mismatch between instrument indications and output. Many instruments also come with manufacturer recommendations or even legal regulations on how often you should calibrate them. Nevertheless, it pays off to observe your instruments’ behavior carefully even when you have a stringent calibration schedule.

Why calibrate?

Instrument calibration is an important part of quality assurance. Making sure the tools of your trade, however simple or complex they are, fulfill their specifications and abide by the accepted standards is a central building block of your business. Apart from the obvious legal regulations which your company must follow in that regard, regular calibration helps make your equipment traceable (i.e., its performance numbers upon calibration and how they match against the test equipment). The aggregate traceability data can be useful to determine an instrument’s reliability, and consistently low performance is a warning sign that it is time to change equipment.

Know what you calibrate!

Companies often perform calibrations to please auditors rather than to paint a real picture of their instruments’ performance. Before you invest in calibration, make sure you understand all of your instrument’s attributes, which you are calibrating, and spread your calibration effort evenly. Following auditor demands alone will often have you over-calibrate here and under-calibrate there.

How to Start Yellow Pages Directory Business

More and more people are searching on the Internet each day for information. On a recent day, people in the United States conducted over 14.3 billion searches. There is a fertile market in yellow page searches just waiting to be tapped into for the entrepreneur. The easiest type to start if you live in a larger market is a local yellow page. Others prefer to create an ethnic yellow pages or religious yellow pages.

To determine what type of yellow pages is best for you, first, look at your own life. Do you live in a city over 100,000 people? Do you know a lot of business people within that community? Then create a local yellow pages. Include in the yellow pages information that residents of the area or people visiting the area will find useful. After you have the beginnings of your yellow pages, then contact merchants who would be interested in advertising on pages connected to that community. Yahoo and Google are both promoting local searches, but a person who lives in the community can have a hands on approach that business people love.

If you live in a smaller community then consider your interests. Are you involved in a project that others would be interested in finding suppliers for? For example, are you a goat farmer and want to find excellent sources for goat halters and goat feed? Chances are if you need to find it others will too. The great thing about these sites is that they are often the easiest to get advertising dollars.

The third type of yellow pages is the belief system yellow pages. People are more comfortable doing business with people that feel the same way they do. For example, you could have a yellow pages focused on businesses owned by Christians.

After you have written the content for your yellow pages, then start advertising it. Cheap advertising techniques include sponsoring an event, ads in newspapers, and letters to the businesses listed on the site. Once you have started generating interest then start soliciting advertising dollars. Google adware is an excellent place to start. As you are starting to search for other revenue dollars.

Foreseeable Finance Concerns in the Future World of Small Business Contracting

With the debris of the housing bubble burst still embedded into many an American contractor’s wounds, thoughts about the future and investments toward it today sound like optional perks and not practical business matters.

But there are a few issues that small business contractors need to be aware of and anticipate if they wish to consider themselves and their businesses competitive for decades to come.

  1. Paper

You hear about “going green” all the time so this one’s a no-brainer. On any given job, whether weeks or months in the making, you will accumulate and or distribute enormous reams of paper. We’re talking about contracts, copies of contracts, insurance forms, finance documentation, et cetera. Making the move to paperless is an instant saver. Everybody is doing it, it just makes sense.

  1. Bi-Lingual Consideration

Hispanics make up 15% of the American population with that number to rise dramatically over the next several decades. 24% of the Hispanic workforce in America is in contracting, indicating that contracting will become increasingly reliant on Spanish-speaking labor.

I know I just mentioned cutting costs by going paperless, but ensuring that your Spanish-speaking workforce has proper understanding of contracts and other documentation, paperless or otherwise, is essential. Consider medical insurance – seguro medico.

By simply having a bilingual worker assist you in drawing up a Spanish version of your health care plan, or at least a description of the benefits, you could ensure that your workers are aware of the means at their disposal in maintaining their health. This could decrease the chances of losing part of your workforce to injury or illness.

  1. Water

Texas business tycoon T. Boone Pickens just spent the last 15 years of his life fighting the Canadian government over the ownership of massive water reserves. Similar battles are going on all over the world regarding water. This is because with the rising human population, fresh water is becoming more and more precious of a commodity. Domestically this hasn’t materialized as a serious issue yet.

Unless you think the world’s nations and wealthiest businessmen are crazy, don’t shrug off these early signs that water shortages can happen here, or that the price of water is going to skyrocket. Concrete mixing and other mainstays of construction that need water will turn into expensive endeavors quickly.

  1. The Importance of Hard Assets

Unsecured credit is going away, fast. Contractors will be in a good position if they can hold onto their own machinery and tools to better ensure they can borrow when it becomes necessary. This won’t be a problem, but consider that much of your business investment in the future is going to be put towards things that are immaterial, like web design and online advertisement. Convincing a bank to provide you the start up cash to get contracts coming in will need enough capital to borrow against.

Many would agree that now’s a time to stay focused on making ends meet while we all wait for construction to get back to some form of pre-bubble levels. At the same time, do what you can to avoid future tough times for yourself

How To Start an SEO Company

Today, you do not need vast resources to start an SEO company. In fact, most successful SEO companies are small agencies, like, that have identified their niche and know what they are doing. Keep at par with the latest search engine techniques, know what to avoid and identify your market. Whether you are a B2B or B2C agency, looking professional will help you land big clients. The following are tips on how to start your own SEO firm.

1)            Know SEO

Know what you are doing well. Your website must be well optimized and should rank for its name. Show your prospects that you are a master at the game by ranking for particular keywords. Search engine optimization keeps changing over time; keep abreast with the changes. Know what tactics work and the extent of their impact.

2)            Get the Necessary Tools

Today, there are a variety of software that have made SEO easier. Look for tools that will improve your performance. This is not to say you automate all SEO processes. The tools can come handy when doing essential and related non-SEO tasks. For example, instead of manually creating directory accounts for your client, you can speed up the process by using a software. Get tools that will help you to save time.

3)            Be Professional

Get a clean website for your company. It should have all the essential information on what you do and how you can help businesses. Include your contact information on your website. If you are targeting local businesses, a phone number is better than an email address. Your website should impress the prospect and make him figure out he is dealing with a professional company.

4)            Get the Word Out

Let everyone know you are providing SEO services. Use PPC ads and blog regularly. Guest blogging at different reputable blogs is a great way of reaching out to new prospects. Be active in social media. Set up a page for your company on Facebook and get twitting. If you are targeting on local businesses, distribute fliers and information packs to potential clients.

5)            Have Case Studies

Show your prospects what you have done if you want them to believe you. Put up case studies on your website. If you have not landed your first client yet, do free SEO for a local business, perhaps a church or a non-profit organization. It is easier to convince prospects of your abilities when you have case studies of past works you have undertaken.

With the above tips, you can easily start a successful SEO company.

Hit & Run: 20% Would Not Admit Damage to a Parked Car

As familiarly frustrating or even exasperating as it is to know, a survey showed that 20% of drivers who have just committed hit and run to a helpless parked car will not admit damage. You may have already been a victim to such a common incident and even more unfortunate to have inadequate or the wrong type of car insurance to fix it. Perhaps this is a call for you to act and get a comprehensive car insurance or never take you car out again.

Statistically, there is a great chance that this will not be the only time a hit and run may occur involving your parked car. Each day, an increasing number of teenagers get their licenses while there are also more and more people aging. The most honest group are drivers above 55 years of age with 94% saying that they will leave their details behind. That is not to say the middle age group was not considered but another factor to consider are tricky parking areas to maneuver around in.

Another interesting fact from the research shows that the type of car clipped from the hit and run will also influence the culprit’s honesty. If it is an expensive sports car or newest model, 1% of the motorists will have owned responsibility and leave their contact information as compared to older or less conditioned vehicles. Finally, it is revealed that women may be more responsible drivers than men with 61% surveyed owning up to the damage as compared to the 56% results of the latter.

Next time you do go out, make sure to consider a convenient yet safe parking spot even if there is a fee to pay to avoid higher expenses. Try to look around at adjacent and nearby cars before leaving the parking area to get a good idea of which might have dented your parked car should it happen. However, if these preventive measures may not be enough and you do get involve with a hit and run incident, never get into car chases. It is better to call the police for them to handle the incident and lessen any more risk on your part. If you have some details of the car, give it to the police.

Involving the police is not only beneficial in that they have been trained for such situations but also in getting official documentations of the incident as proof for your insurance firm which would definitely required once you report it for coverage.